Choosing Window Blinds for Your Bathroom

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shutters and blindsBecause there is so much humidity collects in the bathroom, it can be tough to know just which window coverings to choose. The good news is that many companies which manufacture blinds are now making blinds from special materials that will stand up to the humidity in the bathroom. This means that you can have your style AND your window covering! You might only have one small window, or you could have a large and luxurious bathroom with gorgeous windows, but either way, there are many options for shades and blinds that will ensure a beautiful look. Here are some great tips for choosing bathroom blinds:

Keep It Simple.

Cellular shades are good if you want to keep things inexpensive. They are easy to install and come in all kinds of colors. This versatility is great when it comes to décor and creating a simple, easy look. Whether you choose standard white for a bright and clean look, or a bold color statement, blinds are a great way to achieve your desired look.

Another elegant idea is to use scarves or even a sheet for material and drape it across the top in a swag design. Using some elegant hooks adds to this fun look. It’s super easy to change out the fabric whenever you want a new look. It’s also really easy to wash the fabric as often as you like.

Using Wood.

If you love the look of wood, you have lots of options for wooden blinds. Since the humidity in bathrooms will warp most woods, you can go for a faux wood that looks like real wood. This also makes them much easier to clean and maintain.

Luxury Lovers

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom that is spacious and elegant, then you will want to have beautiful window coverings as well. There are shades that will not mildew, beautiful drapes that can be washed, as well as lots of options for upscale blinds. Don’t forget to use blinds or shades that will defuse sunlight and still offer you the privacy you need. If you want to enjoy the view outside, be sure to choose solar shades that can offer UV protection but still allow you to see out.

Whatever your décor is in your bathroom, you are sure to find the perfect window treatment that will give you beauty as well as function. Blinds are just one way of accomplishing your overall look.

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