Learning More About Green Myrtle Beach Window Treatments

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Myrtle Beach Window TreatmentsReducing your energy bills is now possible with green Myrtle Beach window treatments. You don’t have to replace your doors and windows with more energy-efficient ones, which are often expensive and difficult to maintain. Simply properly covering your windows and particularly choosing your interior and exterior window treatments can help you reduce your energy usage and, thus, your utility bills as well.

Using green Myrtle Beach window treatments

There are green window treatments that are more affordable than others. Some of these, however, may be costly to maintain or install. There are also those window treatments that are expensive but are much easier and cheaper to maintain. Obviously, it would be difficult to measure how much you will save on the cost of purchasing and maintaining window treatments.

The best and most effective green window treatment for your home is not always the most expensive one or the more affordable one. There are other factors that you will have to consider in choosing energy efficient window treatments.

Which green Myrtle Beach window treatment should I use?

Here are common green window treatments being used today in most homes.

  • Adjustable blinds – These types of blinds allows you to easily control the amount of light and heat that comes inside your house. Effective use of adjustable blinds along with properly setting your thermostat will result to efficient use of energy and reduced utility bills.
  • Exterior blinds – If you have large glass pane windows, experts suggest you install exterior blinds to control how much sunlight and heat your glass windows absorb. Most homeowners using exterior blinds have found that these are more effective in controlling solar heat absorption by the glass windows than having heavy interior blinds or covering with thick drapery from the inside.
  • Effective landscaping – Although not your ordinary choice for a window treatment, properly placing plants and trees in your yard may provide shading for your windows; thereby, helping your windows properly regulate sunlight and solar heat inside the house.
  • Window awnings – If you don’t have lots of space in your yard for bigger trees, you can consider installing window awnings. They are as effective in shading your windows as huge trees. To maximize the benefits of using window awnings, install them at least 1-2 feet above your window and about 30 degrees of due south.
  • Light colored drapes, blinds, or shades – For those who prefer drapes, blinds, or shades as their window coverings, experts recommend using lighter colors as these are less likely to absorb solar heat and sunlight. Lighter colored interior window coverings actually reflect the sunlight and solar heat to the outside.

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