Things You Need To Know About Custom Window Blinds

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Custom Window BlindsNew homes built today have different styles and designs and custom window blinds as well. Windows and doors now come in various sizes far from the usual standard sizes that traditional homes may have. Because of this, some homeowners find it difficult to look for window blinds that would fit their unconventionally sized window.

Some homeowners will spend time measuring each window and browsing through several stores to look for the closest fit and come home to realize it doesn’t look good and  clashes with the entire room’s look.

The solution to this is custom window blinds. Since some windows come in custom sizes depending on the overall design and style of the home, the appropriate window covering for them would be custom window blinds.


What are custom window blinds?

Custom window blinds are  similar to traditional window blinds. The difference being their size – and sometimes their design and style – are customized depending on the demands of the homeowner.

They are ordered in advance and require a few days to be manufactured. While the homeowner could measure the window, it is always much better to have the installer measure the window to determine the exact size of the blinds.

You can find installers of custom window blinds online if you don’t want to spend a whole day of browsing through stores and inquiring with building contractors. This will make your shopping experience easier and more comfortable.


How do you measure for custom window blinds?

The most complicated part of using custom window blinds is the measurements. Since your window most likely has unconventional size, you’ll have to carefully measure it for the coverings that you intend to use. You can ask the installer to measure your windows. But if you opt to do it yourself, here are some useful tips:


  1. Use a steel measuring tape to ensure you’ll get the most accurate reading.
  2. Record your measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch.
  3. Avoid rounding off your final measurements.
  4. Keep track of your measurements for the height and width since it’s easy to transpose these figures.


You will have to give exact measurements of your window to your manufacturer if you plan to place the custom window blinds inside the window frame. The manufacturer will make the final adjustments during installation to ensure the blinds are a perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you are placing the custom blinds outside the window frame, you can add in your own adjustments to the measurements; giving the manufacturer the size that you prefer for your window blinds.

Like traditional window blinds, these custom coverings also come in various materials and finishes including classic wood and faux wood. Take your time shopping around for the company that will provide you with the perfect blinds for your windows. You have a wide variety of options to consider so there will surely be one for you.


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