Lower Your Energy Bill With Solar Shades

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solar shadesHere in Myrtle Beach have had exceptionally hot weather this summer and many residents are seeing record high electric bills.  The Consumer Reports have reported in the past that we as Americans spend more than $22 million a year to cool our homes. One great way to reduce the amount of money we are spending for cool comfort is to install solar shades also referred to as sun shades on windows and even doors with panels.  Installing solar shades in your sun room can be especially effective.

Benefits of Solar Shades

There are many positive benefits of solar shades beyond simply reducing our reliance on our cooling systems.  Are you aware that solar shares are made using a breathable fabric that is specifically designed to allow air and light to filter into the room? This concept is what separates them from what people refer to as black-out shades even though they also lower the amount of sunlight that will pass through the window, sliding glass or French doors. In most instances solar shades will be installed on the outside of the window as opposed to the inside like most other types of shades. Solar shades can often lower the temperature in the room by up to 25% which will make your sunroom and enjoyable extension of your living space all year around.  This is accomplished by preventing the sunlight from actually penetrating the glass and this keeps the heat from getting through.

In addition to helping to keep the room temperature lower and thus lowing your energy costs, solar shades can protect your furniture from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultra-violet rays.  You may have noticed that over time the sun shining into the room will cause the color in your furniture to fade and in some instances even crack the material.  These same rays will have a negative effect on paintings or other decorative embellishments you have in the room.  The special fabric in solar shades can block up to 90% of the UV rays from the sun and protect your belongings.

There are other great benefits to solar shades such as the ease of maintenance.  They not only block the sun’s rays from damaging effects, they are also weather and mildew resistant.  They clean up quickly with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent.

If you have the privilege of living on a golf course, the inter-coastal waterway or other areas where you have strangers passing by your sun room, solar shades offer the added benefit of privacy.  A person on the outside will not be able to see into the room unless they are very close.

As you can see there are many benefits to solar shades and AAA Blind and Shutter Factory offers many more benefits with their solar shade services including:

  • No Middle Man
  • Free Estimates and Installation
  • Comparative Pricing

Visit our showroom in Little River for great ideas on how to save money on your energy bills with solar shades.

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