Shades Or Blinds? Covering The Basics

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shades or blinds
Choosing shades or blinds is more than just considering the aesthetics; you will also want to consider how much light you want, how energy efficient they will be, convenience, as well as the privacy it will give. Perhaps you’ve finished designing and decorating a room and after all the paint, furniture and complimentary accents are in place, you have a big question mark regarding window treatment options. The choices are vast—you could go with wooden blinds that are either horizontal or vertical, or fabric Roman shades, among many other options.

The key here is to realize that your window treatments should never be just an afterthought in the overall picture. Not only can they make the whole look come together, but shades and blinds can also be visible from outside your home as well as inside. Of course, you need to think about functionality, but also don’t neglect making sure you really like what goes on your windows because you will be looking at it for a very long time! Many people don’t change out window treatments and so they are a big part of the overall design.

Horizontal Blinds

These have been the most common treatment on windows in homes for many reasons. They come in all colors and materials, which means you can get them on any budget. They also are versatile, giving you the ability to rotate the slats and control the light that comes in, or to increase your privacy. They also provide a nice clean appearance with their straight lines.

Vertical Blinds

We most often see these blinds on sliding glass doors. They can be drawn back easily when access to the door is needed and they also provide a floor-to-ceiling coverage that blocks out all or some light. If a slat becomes broken, it’s easy to replace them, as they hang from the top. This isn’t the case with horizontal blinds. They also come in a variety of materials and colors.


Maybe you would like a much softer look in your home, but still want the ease of function that blinds provide. You may want to look at window shades instead. Roman shades are especially soft, yet they roll up easily, allowing you the same flexibility that blinds offer as far as light control and privacy. Because they are all one solid piece of material, you can really have fun playing with the colors and diffuse the light in many ways. Roman shades have more of a draping appearance when they are rolled up, so they can look more like expensive draperies. Don’t forget too, that many shades can now be made to block out UV rays.

Today’s options are enormous when it comes to window treatments. If you’re thinking about window shades or blinds, you now have options that will not only fit your taste and style, but also save you money.  Visit our showroom for great ideas and then we will come to your home for complete measurements.  Call us today or just stop by.

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