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Myrtle Beach ShuttersAdding Myrtle Beach Shutters to your windows will not only add to the overall look of your home, but also ensure comfort when it comes to lighting and ventilation. This type of window covering is a stylish way to help manipulate the light and ventilation in a room, allowing you to save on energy costs. Plus, it gives a sense of privacy from people outside your home – including burglars and robbers who would love to get a look at the interior of your home.

Did you know that window shutters are not limited to indoor functionality? Many homeowners are now using window shutters to add accent to the outside of their homes as well. Exterior shutters have become a popular outdoor addition for many homeowners.

Exterior Myrtle Beach shutters are more for complementing the overall look of your home

The primary purpose of adding exterior shutters is to enhance the overall look of your home. However, many homeowners also opt to install exterior shutters because of the different ways they can be modified.

Window shutters can come ready to install, or you can get them without finish or paint in case you would like to use a specific color or design to customize the shutters. You could also have the manufacturer design them in a particular size to fit your custom windows.

Different types of Myrtle Beach shutters

There are two general types of shutters that could be installed outside your home.

  • Vinyl Shutters. These are more cost effective than wood and provide a simple and elegant look. These types of shutters are available in major home improvement stores. They cost less than most other types of shutters and require less maintenance. However, they are not designed to serve any important purposes other than to add to the appearance of your home.
  • Wood Shutters. These are more expensive than vinyl shutters since they can be modified to fit any design you want for your home, and they actually function as shutters. The designs and styles of wood shutters are limitless so you’ll definitely be able to find one that matches your home’s theme. If not, you can always opt to have one custom made for you. The best thing about these shutters is that they actually do open and close, allowing you to control lighting and ventilation throughout a room.

There are different types of wood you can consider for your exterior shutter. You can choose from pine, mahogany, cedar and many more. According to professional designers, however, the best choice would be cedar as it has been proven resistant to decay and repels bugs because of its natural tannin or oil.

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