What You Should Know about Blinds and Shutters

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blinds and shuttersBlinds and Shutters are both types of window coverings that most households have today. Many prefer these rather than curtains because they could be easily adjusted or modified to suit the needs of the household owners. Although most think it is as simple as that, there are lots of things one needs to know about blinds and shutters.

Aside from the fact that these window coverings provide privacy and controlling of light, they have other important functions and features. In this article, we will discuss these so that you will know exactly what you are talking about the next time you decide to make a change.

The Difference between Blinds and Shutters

Both types of window coverings have slats or louvers that could be opened and closed by the home owner to control privacy and light. The main difference between the two is that the louvers of blinds are adjusted via pulley or a roller system, while shutters use a fixed rail to adjust the louvers. Another difference is that shutters are attached to the window frame using hinges. Blinds are not attached to windows.

Design and Customization

An important feature of these window coverings is that they could be customized to fit your windows. This makes it easier to control their louvers and adjust privacy and light in every room.

Like curtains and other window coverings, shutters and blinds come in an array of colors to ensure they blend in with the overall design of your room or make your windows the focus of the entire room.


For someone who has been doing do-it-yourself projects for a long time now, installing blinds and/or shutters is just a breeze. On the other hand, for those who have not yet worked with tall ladders and power tools, it would be wise to call a professional or seek assistance from AAA Blind Factory.

Hiring professionals to install your blinds and shutters is necessary as these window covering professionals have years of experience and the right tools to measure your windows and install any type of covering. You can never go wrong with a window covering professional. They could also assist you to choose the most suitable type of covering for your windows – considering accessibility, dimensions, safety, and design.

Store Bought Products and Contractor Grade Products

Blinds and shutters could be bought from a home improvement store, from an online store, or from a local factory that actually makes your blinds or shutters to order. The ones bought from any stores are those that could be easily installed by any homeowner provided they have experience with do-it-yourself projects. The ones bought from a local manufacturer are those that are uniquely customized to specifically suit the needs of the homeowner. Also, these are made from higher quality and longer lasting materials.

Benefits of Using Blinds and Shutters

The use of blinds and shutters could help homeowners save on heating and cooling expenses as there are specific designs that could effectively reduce heat loss during winter and prevent heat gain in summer. According to the US Department of Energy, proper installation and use of blinds and shutters are effective ways to save energy. “Highly reflective blinds could reduce heat gain by around 45 percent,” the Department of Energy added.

Moreover, the designs of blinds and shutters could be customized to further help save electricity. Customize blinds to make it have different colors in each side – light, heat reflective color on one side and dark, heat absorbing color on the other. These could then be reversed depending on the season, providing you with another way to save on your utility bills.

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