Choosing Myrtle Beach Window Treatments For A Child’s Room

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Myrtle Beach Window TreatmentsIf there is one room where you would need to carefully choose which Myrtle Beach window treatments to use, that would be your child’s room. When planning the overall décor and theme of kids’ rooms, experts often choose window coverings based primarily on the purpose they serve and how safe they are for children.

Here are some tips to help you choose which Myrtle Beach window treatments to use for your kids’ rooms.

  • If you want blinds to cover the windows in your kids’ rooms, choose cordless blinds or blinds with breakaway cords. Toddlers and smaller kids can easily strangle themselves when playing so these cords should really not be in a room where your children frequently play.
  • Should you choose draperies as the window treatment, make sure they won’t be easily reached and pulled by your children especially kids who are starting to learn how to walk and explore their surroundings. Pulling long draperies or panels can easily lead to various types of accidents, thus, putting your child at a huge risk.
  • What you should always remember when choosing which window treatment to use is to keep things simple. Do not use window coverings with lots of decorations, beads, and small embellishments. These can choke your kids when they accidentally swallow them. Or they can trip on them when these come loose from the window covering.

Below are more tips from experts in choosing Myrtle Beach window treatments.

  • Choose window treatments that are light and airy.
  • Opt for shades as they have been proven to be the safest window covering for a child’s room.
  • Use fabric shades with blackout linings to allow you to control the amount of light that comes in to the room. You can roll it up during the day and let natural light inside the room. Lower them back down during nap times for dimmer light and more privacy.
  • Combine a window blind or shade with a fabric valance to add color and style. This will ensure your child’s safety and privacy while still being able to maintain the room’s overall theme.
  • Consider using cornice boxes with window blinds and shades to cover up their hardware. You can easily decorate cornice boxes to match the room’s décor.

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