Inspecting Your Doors And Windows And Making Your House Sell

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Clean WindowsThis is the time of year many people start looking for a new home.  This could be retirees looking for a great place to relocate or families who want to make the move before a new school season starts.

The housing market has started to pick up and we wanted to add a post to our site on making sure your windows are ready for inspection by a potential buyer.  When choosing a home to purchase, buyers often look at doors and windows first as they go through the house. So, you might want to get a step ahead and conduct an overall inspection of your doors and windows to make sure they are in good working condition.

Overall Inspection

As you inspect doors and windows, you’re not only looking for dirt, dust, and grime. Aside from having that shine to your window and door surfaces, you also need to ensure that they work properly and would not pose any harmful risks to your potential buyers. Therefore, you need to have not only a critical eye but also your critical ear to listen for any problems.

Aside from preparing cleaning rags and cleaners, you also need to arm yourselves with some basic tools including a screwdriver, hammer, oil, or silicone as go along with the overall inspection. This will make it easy for you to fix any problem that you might come across.

Checking Out Doors

When inspecting doors, here are some of the things you need to look out for:

  • Make sure all doors open and close properly
  • Listen closely for any squeak when opening or closing doors – spray the hinges with silicone or WD-40 to loosen them up and get rid of the squeaks
  • Fix or replace door knobs when they no longer look or function properly
  • Check the weather stripping of your exterior doors if they still have a good clean seal
  • Don’t forget the doors that you rarely or never use – most buyers will check ALL doors even if you tell them that you don’t use that door

 Scrutinizing Windows 

Aside from ensuring your windows have that sparkle, you also need to check for:

  • Problems with locking and unlocking windows – most buyers will check every single window to ensure they all work properly and it’s better that you notice the problems instead of them
  • Broken panes – sometimes, these go unnoticed when you’ve been living long enough in a house; fix broken panes immediately once you see them
  • Clean screens – if your screens are dirty, replace or remove them
  • Paint on the glass – when repainting your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers, paint could sometimes get on the window glass without you noticing
  • Broken seal – if you notice that the insulated seal is broken, this means you need to replace your window
  • Broken slates in blinds or shutters.- we can repair your blinds or shutters.  Unsightly window treatments gives the appearance of a home that was not well cared for.

 A Few more Reminders

It’s important to conduct an overall inspection of your house to look for potential problems to any part of the house. It is better that you notice the problems and not them. Plus, you’re making a good impression by being honest and telling them the problems as you give them a tour of the house.

Because let’s face it. You may not always have enough time and money to make the repairs and replacements. Discussing this with them would help both of you come up with a reasonable deal to fix these problems.

Always get a step ahead of the buyers when it comes to potential problems to any part of your house. Fix these potential problems if you can or discuss these with your buyers and make your house sell!

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