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Bay Window TreatmentIn today’s world there are a wide variety of shades, curtains, shutters and other window treatments that will dress up your windows.  A window that is properly decorated adds to the charm of your home and makes you feel good when you are relaxing or entertaining guests.  The secret to the right window treatment is to keep things in balance and not overpower a small space with too many colors.

As with many other home decorating options, window treatments can be expensive and trying to balance practical with eye-catching can be difficult – but not impossible.  A good place to go for window treatment ideas is the internet, your local library or stop our showroom.  Combining different styles of window treatments can make your home unique and even save you money.

Custom Window Treatment

When we talk about customer window treatments we are referring to the more traditional window treatments ranging from Victoria to country to contemporary. You can coordinate shades to match a bedspread and then add at decorative valance to the shades that blends into the décor of our room.  Balloon shades are another alternative and can be used with swags to provide a more casual look to your room. Add an upholstered cornice to a window with shades in the same color as other accessories in the room.  Your overall goal should be to provide ambience in your room and a space that you will love to relax.

Bay Window Treatment

A bay window is a window with three or more sides and extends from the outer wall of your house.  It is sad that people tend to place a cover over their bay widows with curtains that hide the beauty of the window.  There are few people that know how to treat a bay window and retrain the beauty of the window.

If you are fortunate to have a fantastic view from your bay window and privacy or light control is not an issue, you may want to consider leaving the window uncovered.  However, if you are concerned with privacy and your bay window has wood frames that are appealing, you will want to consider using inside mounted shades or blinds.  One way to give a free flow effect to your room is to have individual shades or blinds on the windows and then add a valence that is continuous or a simple series of swags.  You will want to plan carefully so that you can raise the shades and not disturb the overall window treatment.

Designer Window Treatment

When you are working with a designer to dress up your windows, always keep your eyes on maintaining the beauty of the window.  A designer can help you select the perfect combination of colors, to fabric to blinds and plantation shutters.  Not everyone can afford a designer but you can have a fabulous looking home by doing some research and then letting a local factory made shop such as AAA Blinds and Shutters assist you.

Kitchen Window Treatment

When possible you will want to ensure that the window treatment in your kitchen blends with the style and color of your kitchen cabinets.  You will definitely want to look at window covering that is easy to clean and is stain resistant.  Stay away from curtains in the kitchen that can blow and be a potential fire hazard if the window is near the stove. Shutters are a great window treatment option for the kitchen since they can be open and let in the light during the day and closed in the evening.  They are easy to clean and maintain.

Some window treatments to consider are bamboo or wood shades, blinds, shutters – including plantation shutters, solar shades and even curtains or draperies.  Always keep in mind the ease of cleaning, the amount of light that will be let into the room and your own personal preferences.

Our goal is to work with you to bring the look and feel to our home that you desire.  Whether you are looking for a beach home or a more traditional décor, we can help you with the design and selection of your window treatments.  We come to your home to measure your windows and make suggestions based on the size and height of your windows.

Give us a call today for all your window treatment needs.

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