Windows Can Derail the Sale Of a House

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Broken BlindsBecause everyone’s been talking about how to entice buyers and be able to sell houses quickly, this article will be about the opposite – how to throw buyers off a house. Very few articles have been published about the unfortunate experience of chasing away potential buyers because of some minor flaw in the house’s appearance that you’ve overlooked.

The purpose of this article is to forewarn you of the possible ways you may turn off your potential buyers just by overlooking your windows. Windows are considered as important parts of a house. It’s a source of natural breeze, sunlight, and a wonderful view to brighten up any home. And this is why some buyers often look at windows first even before entering the house.

Here are the three mistakes that I did when selling my house that caused buyers to ran away.

1.    Leaving dirty window screens on the windows

Most of us use window screens so that we still have that bit of protection even if we leave the windows open for longer periods of time. Although they are useful and beneficial, window screens actually cause most dirt and grime to stick to windows – rain will bead up on the screen and leave little spots both on the screen and on the window; pollen sticks to screens and make windows look dusty and dirty even when they are really clean and shiny.

2.    Forgetting to clean the windows

As stated earlier, some buyers often look at windows first. So you should make sure that they are as pretty as the rest of the house. Keep in mind that the overall appearance of a house is one of the primary factors considered by buyers; so you have to make a good lasting first impression. And you could do this by cleaning your windows ahead of your potential buyer’s visit.

To clean your windows, you need a big sponge, a squeegee, brush, and some rags. You’ll also need a carry-all to keep your tools organized and buckets for the water. If your windows are high, you also need a sturdy ladder.

Remove the screens first before you start cleaning your windows. Use a mixture of hot water and cleaner to remove dirt and grime on your window. Use the scrub to clean hard to reach areas. Rinse with cold water and use the squeegee to dry the surface.

3.    Replacing the dirty window screens after I cleaning the windows

If you’re thinking that maybe your buyers would want to see the window screens so you replace them after cleaning the windows, better think twice. If your screens are dirty, don’t replace them. If they’re new or still clean, then go ahead and replace them. Don’t forget that dirty screens will actually make your clean and shiny windows look dirty, which will most likely turn off your potential buyers.

4. Broken or dirty blinds and shutters

Many homes in the Myrtle Beach area utilize blinds or shutters as a window covering.  Over time the slates in the blinds may break due to kits or pets playing with the blinds.  A broken or uneven blind will detract from the décor of the room.  When a buyer tries to open the blinds they may not work properly and this will also be a distraction to the potential buyer.  Make sure that your blinds and shutters are in good repair.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll surely catch the attention and interest of your buyers. For great measure, consider investing on new window treatments. Visit the showroom of AAA Blind and Shutter Factory for great window treatment ideas.

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